Hi! Apologies for uploading a day late and then it only being the cover page. I’m working on building a buffer, so the first actual page of chapter 20 will be uploaded next Sunday 🙂 (Although if you’re a patron, we’re already a bit into chapter 20 as I upload the pages there as I get them done: https://www.patreon.com/itsaghst)

In the meantime, I’ve updated Interlude 04 with color and extra pages if you’d like to check those pages out! You can read it starting here. I think it visually gives a little more background and context to what happened “Last Year” for the characters and how isolated Louis really felt by the end of it. I like how the additional pages at the end mirror the isolation he felt at the beginning of Interlude 04 as opposed to ending it with the static interrupting the “good times” with his friends. This page is also meant to mirror this page from chapter 09. Overall, super pleased with how the interlude turned out and while it was originally a spur of the moment extra set of pages, I think it works nicely as a bridge to what all happens in chapter 19 and beyond as we begin to shift gears a bit and address some of these issues with his friends. :O

ANYWAY, hope you enjoy the fixed up interlude and I’ll see you next week with the next page 🙂