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CHAPTER 19. IS. OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After almost 2 years and over 100 pages later…wtf LOL.

My ideas kept shifting everywhere this chapter to get things just right, but it more or less ended exactly how I wanted it to back when it was just the seed of an idea back in…uh…early 2019…jfc LMAO. This chapter was so hard to write for…a lot of reasons LOL But a lot of it I think was bc Louis felt like he was in this weird limbo of where his character was and wanted to be until the end (idk if it read that way, but it sure felt that way while writing him PFF), but there was also just so much stuff that happened and it was hard to fit it together (and The John Thing…that took awhile to fully figure out, too). Even though this chapter was incredibly difficult to write, I’m overall proud of the finished product. There’s some things I think that coulda been taken out or shortened in hindsight, but I think it works even for an extremely long chapter :’D

With the end of this chapter, we are now…in the middle of the story…in terms of story, not chapters (does that even make sense LMAO). This is the part of the story where things are going to start wrapping up things that were setup a million years ago in the earlier chapters (like stuff with The Friend Group, for example). It feels…weird…to be here…LOL. And I’m really nervous, but if you’ve liked the story thus far, I think you’ll like where it continues to go.

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