Louis Beau is a perfectionist and anxiety-ridden eleventh-grader attending Roseborough High. He lives with his strict and somewhat neglectful father and constantly tries to best himself to make his father proud. His life, however, runs off course when he befriends Daniel, his ostracized classmate, and the two soon find themselves in a secret love affair. Louis struggles with finding himself as he struggles with his sexuality and his growing fondness for Daniel all while trying to gain the approval of his father, his peers, and ultimately, his self.

Autophobia is a coming-of-age story about a teenage boy that chronicles his life and self-discovery through his late teenage years. It’ll touch on themes like sexuality, friendship, love, substance abuse, and mental illness.

⚠️⚠️CONTENT WARNING: This comic depicts graphic scenes of anxiety/panic attacks, profanity, innuendos and characters talking about sex, some references to underage drinking, and discussion of bullying/self-harm/substance abuse/mental illness.⚠️⚠️

This comic is rated T for teen (16+).


G.H.S.T (Ghost) is a bisexual webcomic artist/writer from the Midwest, U.S. Having dabbled in the art of webcomics since 2006, G.H.S.T only started serious work in 2012 with the first redraws of Autophobia. G.H.S.T’s favorite genres to dabble in are psychological, coming-of-age, mystery, and horror. 

Contact: autophobiacomic(at)gmail(dot)com

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*DISCLAIMER: Sometimes this comic discusses strategies to help decrease stress and improve mental well-being and I will also share some helpful resources. These resources are meant for educating–they are not meant to be mental health advice. You should always consult a mental health provider (or trusted adult for minors) when it comes to symptoms of mental illness like anxiety or depression.