Louis Beau
16 years old, Wanna be “Juke Box Hero”

Our protagonist. Louis is a pretty serious guy. He comes off as shy and aloof, but is a total goob after he gets to know someone. Regarded as the “smart guy” at school, he studies excessively and his perfectionist personality ensures him top grades. Usually. When Louis isn’t studying or doing homework, he’s busy pretending he’s a legendary rock star, shredding on the guitar. Louis also suffers from severe anxiety which gets the best of him once he starts having feelings for his classmate, Daniel.


Daniel York
17 years old, Made of “boyfriend material”

Daniel is Louis’ hyperactive and clumsy classmate who has had a big fat crush on Louis since the eighth grade. Despite his at times overwhelming personality, he is a very empathetic person with a lot of love to give. Daniel’s peers regard him as “weird” and “annoying,” but despite this, he is almost always upbeat and optimistic. Daniel enjoys all things art and regards it as his “thing.” He is very close to his mother and brother.


Johnathon “John” Willows
17 years old, Eyebrows

John is supposedly one of Louis’ best friend, but the two were much closer before some kind of fallout a year ago. They’re back on speaking terms, but the two still don’t really get along. Despite this, John still cares about Louis and is jealous of Louis hanging out with Daniel. In terms of personality, John is very sarcastic and comes off as pretty emotionless, usually donning a bored or irritated expression. John works at his uncle’s bakery and enjoys baking sweets.


Mia Kohler
16 years old, Queen of Darkness and Kittens

Mia is Daniel’s best friend. The two bonded very quickly over shared experiences of having been bullied in middle school. Mia is very quiet, but has a sharp tongue that she’ll lash at you when pushed; she is very loyal to her loved ones. When Mia was a toddler she went through the foster system until she was adopted by her parents.


Evan Fisher
16 years old, The Secret Anime Cosplayer

Evan is one of Louis’ best friends, but he and John became closer after Louis and John’s falling out. He’s an outgoing guy who loves to have fun and have a good laugh. He cares about his friends and looks out for them, but will also call them out for acting dumb. Evan is an anime cosplayer and loves Naruto and Bleach.


Shelley Kingston
17 years old, Probably the next Sherlock Holmes tbh

Shelley is a part of Louis’ friend group. She is very observant and takes joy in messing with people, but she also knows when to stop before she crosses a line. She is blunt, but she might have a sensitive side–or at least a sensitive spot for Chloe, whom she is very protective of.


Chloe Duncan
17 years old, Leader of the 5’0″ and under club

Chloe, another friend of Louis, is Shelley’s best friend. She is much less blunt than Shelley and comes off as sweet, but maybe a bit naive. She recently began working at the Music Emporium with Louis after…an interesting twist of events.


Lori Steinfeld
17 years old, I’m bitchin’, great hair

Last but not least, there’s Lori. She’s a part of Louis’ friend group, but she is more or less only tolerated by the group. She has a jealous tendency, recently being jealous of how quickly Louis became close to Daniel. She seems to have a crush on Louis, but she admits there’s no chemistry. Lori is on the dance team at school.

–Supporting Cast–

Chris Saber
19 years old

Louis’ manager at the Music Emporium. He is very outspoken and vulgar, he has no shame in his sex life, and he is probably the laziest manager in existence. BUT, he is a good guy with a big heart. He cares for Louis a lot and sees him as his younger brother.


Lauren Paoletti
17 years old

Lauren is the class president of Louis’ class. She used to date Louis. She is ambitious and a bit sarcastic. Her guilty pleasure is watching reality TV like the Bachelor, but she swears it’s to laugh at the actors, not because she actually enjoys it (she does).


Claude Beau
50 years old

Louis’ strict father. He’s a workaholic and has been raising Louis as a single father since his wife died. His relationship with Louis is very strained, but he still cares about his son and wants the best out of life for him.


Melina Santiago-York
36 years old

Daniel’s mother. Melina is very loving and supportive of both of her sons. Her and Mr. York are currently separated, but are on “good terms.” She is a special education teacher at Daniel’s old elementary school.


Austin York
14 years old

Daniel’s brother. He recently turned 14. While he could be described by some as having an attitude problem, that’s really just the puberty talking. He’s an utter geek and loves the Zolda and Pokomon series. Despite the bickering and teasing, he’s close with Daniel and looks up to him.