Hello everyone 🙂 I just wanted to pop in to say hi to you all, give a little update on what I’ve been up to, and also offer to do a Questions & Answers for the comic! If you’re interested in knowing something (not spoilery), feel free to leave a question below 😀 I’ll put together a Q&A post in a couple of weeks.

The comic will still be on a hiatus for awhile, but wanted to let you know that I am continuing the comic (I got some comments that made me think some people thought I might be discontinuing it. NOPE, I’M STUBBORN and I’m gonna finish this damn thing even if it takes me 30 more years [I’M JK I HOPE])! I’ve actually been writing chapters and have written up to chapter 24 and it’s been nice to just write without worrying about updating. I’ve also rewritten parts of chapter 5 & 6 and started the redraws for 5! 😀 I’VE BEEN A BUSY BEE (jk I really haven’t been, I’ve been mostly chilling and getting mad at the Sims 4 Star Wars pack LMAO PRIORITIES, WHAT ARE THEY).

Anyway, when I have a better idea of when the comic will return, I will certainly update you on that! No promises of when though, especially given that The Day Job is starting again and honestly, I’d probably be going on a hiatus anyway because of that alone. But I guess the thing to take away is that the comic WILL be back and I AM still working on it :’D

So until next time, please take care and be safe :)!