HI. I’M STILL ALIVE. And so is this comic. I’M SORRY FOR VANISHING FOR MONTHS WITHOUT WORD. All is well over here, just life is busy LOL. Anyway, I was too impatient to wait til tomorrow to upload a page, soooo I’m uploading it now! Nothing really happens, and no one probably remembers what’s happening (LMAO), but IT IS A PAGE NONETHELESS LOL. I hope you enjoy and I do, in fact, have a couple of the next pages lined so I hope to provide at least a couple of more updates before I inevitably vanish again (and hopefully my next vanishing act will not extend for months LOL–) SO, UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!

And I hope you all are well yourselves<3 Stay safe out there!

P.S. I reuploaded Chapter 8 with the final colors and redrew/rewrote some of the dialogue again, so if you’re interested in checking that out, please do! 😀