Hi! Just a little after scene…maybe not the happiest, though, haaah;;; I debated whether I wanted him to call his dad as soon as he got home and off page, or have him forget and call him immediately after the chapter ended. It felt a bit like a cop out to have it happen off page given that his dad made it such a big deal to call him when Louis got home (see their conversation from chapter 18). Given that I couldn’t fit it into the chapter, I decided to go this route…sorry, Louis. At least he’s not mad at you? :S

Thinking on it more, I think it makes sense to have this happen…Louis had a big night and wasn’t really thinking “let’s call dad” LOL. I feel like this little after scene also turned out much more somber than when I first thought of it, which I think works too. His dad hasn’t been as awful in recent chapters, but there’s still…stuff…lots of stuff…there. I kinda feel like the last panel gives that impression…Louis isn’t in trouble, but he’s still anxious about it all. HAHA THEIR RELATIONSHIP WILL SURE BE A FUN BAG OF WORMS FOR ME TO *REALLY* OPEN UP SOONER OR LATER– 8′)

ANYWAY– I might upload the next chapter’s cover midweek, but I haven’t decided yet. I’ve been trying to work on redraws so I haven’t built up a nice buffer quite yet for the next chapter, but it will be coming soon!