6 page update! Go back to page Chapter 19 – 30 to read the whole update!

Anyway, this chapter feels really ill-timed. A lot of schools in the US have now closed for the rest of the school year and a lot of milestone events are being canceled, including prom and for a lot of schools, Senior Prom is their only prom. It’s very disappointing for a lot of students right now. It’s a really hard time for a lot of people everywhere in the world right now for so many reasons and while something like prom might seem minuscule in comparison, it’s important to a lot of teens out there. I just want to say that your feelings are valid.

Things are getting rougher by the day in a lot of places and I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. Thinking of you all and wishing you well<3

Regarding these pages, I hope you like them. I was originally going to end this update with Louis crying, but I didn’t want to end another update with them looking absolutely gutted LOL;; I like how the rest of this scene plays out and I hope you’ll like it too. See you next time! <3