6 page update! Go back to >>Chapter 19 – 12<< to read the full update! 🙂

A lot of these pages will seem VERY familiar to those of you who read this chapter before I gutted it to redo some things, but I hope you still enjoy them! This page here is brand new 🙂 I wanted to finish this scene this week, but unfortunately got sick with a cold and I wasn’t able to accomplish that. Fingers crossed for next week, though! 😀 Thank you for reading!


ALSO, for those who don’t remember, the ~*flashback*~ of the meaning of the flower happened on the last page of chapter 17…I forget that….most people would not remember that detail unless they’ve recently read that chapter bc it posted……..like a year ago LOL;;; I MEAN THIS COMIC IS SHOCKINGLY MEANT TO BE READ AS A WHOLE STORY…IT’S JUST NOT WHOLE YET LMAO. But here’s a quick link to that page if it helps to clarify haha 🙂 >> Chapter 17 Page 61