A coming of age comic about two dorks falling in love

Chapter 14 - 16

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Reply Guest, December 4th, 2016, 10:25 am

Daniel, you are the fucking man! Handdling this situation like a boss!

Reply i'm kohane, December 4th, 2016, 5:11 pm

@Guest: I know, right! Since the very beginning, Daniel is the best. I wish he was my boyfriend. ;^;

Reply BeyondPondering, December 5th, 2016, 2:02 am

Actual tears right now This is just what happened when I had my first really bad attack... I was sitting on my bed a mess and my boyfriend came and made me uncurl myself and hang on to him as hard as I could. Thank god he knew what to do in the situation because I was lost. This whole scene is just so real and I really applaud you for it. I've had a lot of stories touch my heartstrings but this one does it in such a way that it goes above and beyond.

Reply RecoveringNavigator, December 5th, 2016, 1:56 pm

I'm freaking crying because Daniel is a real man and staying there trying his best to help even if he doesn't know how.

Reply Lwaxana, December 10th, 2016, 8:38 am

Yeees Daniel, I agree with everyone here, you're such a man ;w; Save your poor baby Louis

Reply Tasha49, September 14th, 2019, 9:35 pm

Tears Can barely read this. I have tears streaming down my face.

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