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Site To Be Down

Hi all.

In case you are unaware, Smack Jeeves will be adding new features and removing others, per their recent announcement >>

I have been notified by email from Smack Jeeves that I will no longer be able to host my domain with them beginning November 30th. As such, I need to quickly find a new host because the url will not work beginning next Saturday.

THE COMIC WILL STILL UPDATE ON SJ, just like I update on Tapas. But the url will change and go back to being, unfortunately. So I want to find a new host ASAP to make things less confusing for you all given that I've been advertising to read at this url for the last couple of years;;; (and I also paid for this domain name SO OBVIOUSLY I'M GONNA USE IT, LOL).

Anyway, just wanted to pass the word along because I am hoping to set something up by this weekend and it's going to take me a hot minute because I have a lot of pages to reupload hah. As such, the website will either be temporarily down or it'll be up but obviously missing pages as I repost them.

I hope to have new pages for you all soon--probably will not happen this weekend due to this whole site issue--but as soon as I get the site situation figured out, I'll update again. Thank you for your patience<3

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Reply Mei-lin (Guest), November 21st, 2019, 5:00 pm

0.0 Oh damn, good luck with that. Kinda sucks but oh well. Good thing it's still going to be available on the site tho and on tapas.

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